Now I have your attention I’ll tell you what it means…Simple Energy Xchange!

You pass on your personal energy to others around you and vice versa, just by being around them. Clearly, this will happen to a lesser degree at this present time, because of social distancing.

When we eventually get back to some normality and are able to go around and interact as we did before, this Energy Xchange will be prevalent once again.

This is like an invisible ripple effect.

Have you ever thrown a stone into a lake and watched the ripples spread out across the water? Well, your personal energy is doing the same when you come in close proximity to others.

If the energy you Xchange is negative energy because your attitude is bad, then this bad energy permeates onto others. However, at the same time, you are doing self-harm to yourself as the energy doesn’t just flow out of your body, but is coming back into itself as well. This cannot be good for your health if your attitude is terrible, as you are chipping away at yourself and causing internal harm.

The reverse is true if you radiate positive energy. You improve yourself internally and also affect positively those around you. A win-win scenario and great for your overall wellbeing too.

So practice positive S.E.X – in an “energy” sense! 😉