What do you mean I should have done more with my chances in life?

I don’t have any regrets…

Hmm, maybe one or two perhaps…?

Ok, perhaps a few more than that

Let me see…?

  1. Not trying as hard as I could when I was at school
  2. Not listening to the successful people around me
  3. Not trying harder at the trials, because I thought I didn’t have a chance when actually I did
  4. Not saying yes when the business opportunity presented itself.
  5. Not helping my friend with his success plan, which went on to earn tens of thousands
  6. Not investing in myself when I had the chance

Ok, you’re right, I accept I’ve had a number of regrets in life. And I now realise that I should have seized the chances and opportunities when they presented themselves.

I am a real failure! And it’s too late for me, right?

Are you still breathing? If yes, then it’s NEVER too late!

Don’t live with regret! Do it now!