We sometimes get asked, “When are you going to do…xxx ?”

And typically we can answer, “Someday, I’ll get around to doing that…”

After all, we have loads of time available, so we can fit it in at some point, can’t we?

But do we have all the time in the world?

The clock in life is ticking and each day passes onto the next and we can’t get that previous day back. It is the past. It is a memory and nothing more. We can’t relive that day and hope to have it back again someday…!?! It is gone!

So if you have been planning to do that “something” but haven’t yet got around to doing it yet, then at the very least, have a date in the diary for when you ARE going to do it. Because remember, life ticks on by regardless and we only have a finite time on this planet when we are even fit and able to do stuff we want to do.

So don’t just utter the words, “Someday, I’ll do it” – instead say, “yes I will be doing it and the date is xxx” !