“IF you won a lifechanging amount on a lottery, then what would you do?”

This is almost a strange question. A lot of people certainly play lottery games in whichever country they happen to be living in, but how many have actually thought about what would they “actually” do if they won the jackpot?

A lot of people in truth get very stuck.

After the usual things of paying off their mortgage (if they have one) and a new car and a fabulous holiday, then they run out of ideas.

Perhaps, they may help loved ones, but then what?

A common theme when asked whether they would give up a job, seems to be,

“I’m not sure, as won’t I be bored if I am not doing anything?”

This is because, for the majority of us, we have been programmed to work a job. That message is to work hard at that job and you will earn an income and be fulfilled. But if the money is taken care of, why work the job? Can’t we get fulfillment elsewhere?

Of course! Because fulfillment doesn’t need to come from a job but from a passion we may have. This passion is not normally from working for someone else.

Couldn’t you start your own business with an existing passion you have? And because you don’t need to do this to earn a living, you can do it because you just “want to” because it IS a passion. Wouldn’t that be great!?!

Find a cause that you can get your teeth into and help others now that you no longer have the burden of having to work a job

You could perhaps be altruistic and help other people achieve their hopes and dreams as well.

Statistics unfortunately for lottery winners aren’t great! What has happened on numerous occasions is that money and wealth have been squandered in a relatively short space of time and the winner of the fortune, has nothing to show for it. More often than not, they also have relationship breakdowns, alcohol abuse, or worse!

This is because they haven’t had a purpose and plan about what they would do if they did have the good fortune to win a large amount of money

You see money in the right hands can do a lot of wonderful things, so even though the chance of actually winning a jackpot is incredibly small, isn’t it fun to spend a few moments thinking about what you would do if you did?

You’d be glad that you did