Quick tip to break a bad habit

Having problems breaking a bad habit that you know you shouldn’t do anymore?

Well, we humans on occasion take comfort from the things we shouldn’t do, and then when you’ve done them a while, they become habits and then can be quite difficult to reverse.

A good way of breaking a habit is to record yourself on video (using a smartphone or webcam) talking about your habit and why you want to break the habit.
You record yourself on video each night. (Try and do the recording at the same time each night, so this too becomes a routine).

Now when you record yourself it only needs to last 30 seconds to a minute in length. You can do longer if you wish, but short and sweat is best.

So remember, all you do it just talk about your bad habit and why you would like it to stop.  Mention that you value yourself, so that is more reason to break the habit because you realise it isn’t doing you good.

It is almost like a video diary to yourself,  but not quite. It is like a lesson to you, from you!

Don’t delete the video, just watch them after you had recorded them. Then keep them and revisit them, watching them in sequence.

You will find that being accountable to yourself via a video, seems to work very well.

If you’re brave enough to show a loved one, then that is good too, but make sure whoever you show them to won’t do something negative and ridicule you.

If you’re not sure whether to show them to anyone, then don’t. Just keep them for yourself.

Watching yourself back talking about a habit you need to break, is a great motivating factor because you will take advice from yourself.

Try it and let me know your thoughts on my facebook page at

I Can’t, Not Me?

How many times do we say to ourselves, “I can’t…..” when confronted with something new?
Now we may or may not say it out loud, but more often than not, we’re saying it to ourselves in our mind.
Why is this?
Well, imagine your mind is like a large oil drum filled with white paint. This is what you are symbolically given when you’re young.
Now as you’re growing, you try new things as part of your learning. Occasionally you will make mistakes as you progress, but that is perfectly natural as you grow. If you didn’t make mistakes you’re wouldn’t be moving forward and learning what works and what doesn’t. However, there will be occasions whilst you’ve made mistakes that some adults or older siblings can make some of the following comments: Continue reading “I Can’t, Not Me?”

Practice Silence

Take time to be silent.
You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to do the things I need to do in the day let alone find time to be silent?”

And you may also be thinking “Why bother to be silent anyway? What will it even achieve?”
Silence allows our mind to wander freely and come up with things that generally don’t surface because they are hidden behind all the other things that you have to think about whilst living normally.

If you can find just 15 minutes a day to literally just sit in total silence without any distractions whatsoever, your mind will wander across many many topics.
Continue reading “Practice Silence”

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

I often encounter people who get really wound up by the general day-to-day events in life as if the world was about to end. I do want to say sometimes, “calm down…don’t let things out of your direct control wind you up!” because if they are not in your direct control then why do you get wound up?
Unless the “thing” that has just happened is a life or death event, then really do you have to get heated? Can’t you just breathe, let it go and realise that life does these sorts of things? It’s what life does. That’s why it’s called “Life!”

We know on occasions that life will deal us a bad hand or give us a situation we were not expecting. But then why get heated about it? Just understand it is a “life event” and just something that needs to be dealt with. Then try and deal with it in a controlled adult manner WITHOUT the need to give yourself a potential heart attack in the process.

If you do pause and realise this, you can deal with it in a more level-headed manner. Which when you look back on it later, you will realise would have been the best approach all along!

Fast forward to the future

Let’s imagine you are in the future and you’re in your mid eighties or early nineties and you are sat in a chair thinking about your life as to how it’s turned out.
What will your thoughts be?
Will you look back and remember the great times and think “wow” I really lived my life with all those magic moments.
Or will you look back thinking that you haven’t actually done anything of any significance or that you can be proud of? What do you think people will say about you? About the way you lived your life? Will they hold you up as a role model as someone who did something with their life. Or will others merely look at you and think you just drifted and didn’t actually live your life to its potential?
Well you’re not in the last legs of your life. You can change things NOW! Don’t wait…do it and never live with regrets. Don’t get to your latter years in regret thinking ” I wish I’d done…” Whatever that may have been? Remember we do only get one go at this thing called life so don’t let it go to waste. Live it like it should be lived. With fun, vigour and happiness!

What value do you provide?

What value do you provide?
What do I mean by this? I am asking what value do you give to the planet? Is society and the world at large better off by you being here or are you a burden on it because you just take, take, take and not offering anything in return?
Remember the average adult lives a few decades on this planet, so that is ample time to contribute and make the world a better place. So what has been your contribution so far?
Have you made a difference in the right way? Have you left something for others to know you were an asset to the world?
If it were possible that you could look at yourself when you had finally died, how do you think those left behind would describe you? What eulogy would they give? How would you want them to remember you?
Would it be good? Would they sing your praises because of the contributions to others and the world at large you had made? Or would they find it difficult to find good words to describe you?
Thankfully if you are reading this then you are obviously not dead. So if you think you haven’t contributed to a better world enough yet, there is still time. No matter your circumstances and no matter what has gone on before in the past, today is a new day that hasn’t come along before so you can still make a difference in a positive way no matter how small
I urge you to make that difference and make the world a better place by helping all those around you as well as you are able to. Remember this clearly, we ALL have talents inside each of us to go and do good things for our family, friends and communities and when that final breath does eventually leave your body, loved ones and the world around you would hail your positive contributions and miss the fact you are gone.

Attitude or Skill?

If you had to choose what would you pick? Think for a moment…most people would mostly pick attitude because skills can be learnt but having a good attitude can’t really be taught.
However, this can’t be the correct choice for all situations. If you are having an operation you would want the doctor performing the surgery to have great skills and not necessarily just a great attitude. Both would be good of course, but if you had to choose I’d guess it would the skill. Because no matter how good the attitude of a friend would be, you wouldn’t want them operating unless they had the correct skills.
So attitude for sure is key, but skills are more important in certain situations!

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