Nobody’s perfect!

Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

Occasionally, you may make major “A” league mistakes, that ordinary mistakes you’ve made in the past, look on the mistake you’ve just made and even they shudder!

(What a whopper!)

But don’t beat yourself up about it! Every mistake you make should give you a lesson on how “not” to do something! It will be a life lesson.

So you should learn from that lesson and then move forward.

Sure, some mistakes hurt, but they are there to make you grow in some way.

So don’t despise those mistakes you’ve made, just make sure you learn from them!


You’re only powerless…

You’re only powerless if you believe you’re powerless…!

The truth is the total opposite!


You have far more power than you realise and that power can instigate change in your life.

It starts today. CHOOSE to use that power and make that difference!


Are you photoshopping your own selfie?

Are you photoshopping your own selfie?

Or are you using some sort of filter to try and enhance your own image?


Is it because you don’t feel worthy whilst on social media?

Is it because you feel you aren’t looking good like “everyone” else and so need to “cheat” to make yourself look better?


Well let me tell you this, social media is not what it seems. Many people are using false photos all the time!

This doesn’t mean you need to join them!

Many people feel they need to compete with everyone else and believe their natural look is not good enough, so resort to these filters.


But I can assure you, your natural look is better than any artificial filter distorting you.

That’s just lying to other people who look at you online, and you’re also lying to yourself too


You’re better than that!


So ditch the filter and let’s see the real you!

Because you ARE special, just the way you are!


Make THAT difference…

You should really try and be the best you can possibly be, day-in-day-out.

I’m not saying this will be easy because you are human and you will have down days too. That is life.

But limit your down days by uplifting those you come into contact with, on a daily basis.


You need to be the one that makes other people’s bad day, into a good day. And for those that are already having good days,

you become the one that upgrades their day to become amazing, just because of your actions, your words and your presence.


Be your best and make the best for others too!


When you do this regularly, you will not have a down day, as every one of your days will become good too!



Check the source of information to make better correctly informed decisions

When someone makes a claim or provides some information, never take it on face value.

Especially when you have no personal point of reference to what is being said or claimed.

If possible, check their credentials and ensure whoever is providing that information is “qualified” to give that information?

Are they an authority in what is being said or claimed?

Use critical thinking to understand where that information is coming from.

This way you can be more sure to make better decisions yourself, having checked out the facts



UFO sightings coming down…!?!

Apparently reports of UFO sightings have been coming down of late and UFO skeptics are questioning why this is? Because if there ARE UFO’s out there, surely the reports should be going up and not down, because there are so many more cameras out there, as everyone has one on a smartphone.

Well could it be down to the fact that people are actually looking "down" more instead of looking up at the sky, because of their smart phones?  So if there is anything strange in the sky, nobody is actually spotting it!

This problem isn’t just affecting UFO reports, as there are less and less proper conversation and interaction between people, because of the distraction of the smart phones. Whilst phones are a blessing on one hand as they have brought the world to the palm of our hand, they are a curse on the other, by reducing proper interactions between on another.

This is prevalent in the younger generation and they are losing the art and skill of face to face communication.

How do you define yourself?

I have attended countless non-business meetings where there is an obligatory introduction of all the delegates to one another. Pretty much every single time, even though it is NOT a business meeting, everyone starts off with their name and then say, “and I am a … xxx” or “and I work at…xxx” (where xxx is their job).


We should not be defining who we are by our job! The job is a part of our life and may be a very important part for some, but it isn’t OUR life!


We need to define who we are as a person first and bring in what you do for a as a job later perhaps?


Here’s a better example… “I’m a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two boys. I have always enjoyed working with computers and thankfully the career I have taken has allowed me to follow my passion of working with computers and I now work in the IT industry”


We appear to make the job define who we are, which is incorrect! The job is merely an aspect of our life, but it isn’t OUR life! We must remember that.