Don’t sweat the small stuff!

I often encounter people who get really wound up by the general day-to-day events in life as if the world was about to end. I do want to say sometimes, “calm down…don’t let things out of your direct control wind you up!” because if they are not in your direct control then why do you get wound up?
Unless the “thing” that has just happened is a life or death event, then really do you have to get heated? Can’t you just breathe, let it go and realise that life does these sorts of things? It’s what life does. That’s why it’s called “Life!”

We know on occasions that life will deal us a bad hand or give us a situation we were not expecting. But then why get heated about it? Just understand it is a “life event” and just something that needs to be dealt with. Then try and deal with it in a controlled adult manner WITHOUT the need to give yourself a potential heart attack in the process.

If you do pause and realise this, you can deal with it in a more level-headed manner. Which when you look back on it later, you will realise would have been the best approach all along!