Practice Silence

Take time to be silent.
You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to do the things I need to do in the day let alone find time to be silent?”

And you may also be thinking “Why bother to be silent anyway? What will it even achieve?”
Silence allows our mind to wander freely and come up with things that generally don’t surface because they are hidden behind all the other things that you have to think about whilst living normally.

If you can find just 15 minutes a day to literally just sit in total silence without any distractions whatsoever, your mind will wander across many many topics.

Allowing time for the mind to wander is beneficial to your health as it lets the mind express itself when otherwise it isn’t able to do so. Your mind will also come up with ideas that you never even knew you had.
So if you are to try this properly you must have NO distractions at all.
No children around; no TV on; no mobile pinging away; no-one else around to disturb you; etc.

To be honest, sitting in silence is actually quite hard.

The first time you try to do it something is bound to pop into your head that you thought you had better do urgently. You will also fidget to want to go do it too.

Well, please DON’T.

Leave yourself those 15 minutes. Just persevere and stay where you are. The only thing you can have with you is some paper and a pen. This is in case you DO come up with something you think is of value then you have the chance to just jot it down.

If you find yourself doodling whilst being silent then that’s fine too. Don’t suppress it just let anything flow out.

You may find that the first 10 minutes or so you will be thinking to yourself at just how silly this all is!
You may perhaps even think your time would be better spent doing something else, well don’t! Hold on, it’s natural to think this way.
Just continue and you’ll find that eventually, your mind will relax enough to let any deeper thoughts come out.
Simply jot these down

If you can spare longer than 15 minutes each day then, by all means, do so, but most of us lead busy lives so 15 minutes should be manageable by most people.
If you do this regularly you will be surprised and just how wonderful your mind is and what it can conjure up
And you will almost certainly find what your Inner Magic really is, during these sessions.

If you practice and do this daily you’ll find yourself more relaxed and less stressed, so not only will you come up with some good ideas covering literally ANY topic, but your own health will benefit too!

So practise silence daily!