Fast forward to the future

Let’s imagine you are in the future and you’re in your mid eighties or early nineties and you are sat in a chair thinking about your life as to how it’s turned out.
What will your thoughts be?
Will you look back and remember the great times and think “wow” I really lived my life with all those magic moments.
Or will you look back thinking that you haven’t actually done anything of any significance or that you can be proud of? What do you think people will say about you? About the way you lived your life? Will they hold you up as a role model as someone who did something with their life. Or will others merely look at you and think you just drifted and didn’t actually live your life to its potential?
Well you’re not in the last legs of your life. You can change things NOW! Don’t wait…do it and never live with regrets. Don’t get to your latter years in regret thinking ” I wish I’d done…” Whatever that may have been? Remember we do only get one go at this thing called life so don’t let it go to waste. Live it like it should be lived. With fun, vigour and happiness!