Be a student to life…

Always be a student in life as you don’t have all the answers. Everyone around you can offer you life experiences that can add to your own wisdom.

Remember you don’t have to learn everything from experience itself. You can learn so much using other’s people’s experience and wisdom, so adding to your own wisdom without having to sometimes experience the pain of the “experience” itself.

By being that student of life, listening, and learning from the experiences of others, will allow you to gain a wealth of wisdom that you can share with others too.

Resulting in YOU helping others on their life journey too.

Your “Comfort Zone” is great, right?

Your comfort zone should be renamed to your “moaning” zone!
A lot of people moan about life and why it’s not fair, but then DON’T do anything to try and improve things!

They just wallow in their “moaning” zone all day long!

Quit moaning and start doing! This will help you to get out of the comfort zone, which in reality is not comfortable at all, because if it was, people would quit moaning whilst in it!

So let’s stop calling it the “comfort zone”, but instead start calling it the “moaning zone” from now on, shall we? Because that is a truer reflection of what it is! 😉

10 things…that make you the best YOU!

  1. Great work ethic
  2. Giving 100% effort, every time
  3. Having an “attractive” personality (if you don’t know what this is, ask me!)
  4. Being teachable
  5. A passionate “can do” attitude
  6. Giving to others that need it
  7. Respecting other people
  8. Never prejudging
  9. Give love when it is needed
  10. Uplift others wherever you are

Forget your fists and your muscles!

Watch your tongue as this is your strongest weapon!

Wounds from beatings, heal with time. But a harsh word can damage a mind & soul for a lifetime!

So don’t react with sharp words to bad incidents that happen to you. Understand those bad incidents, are just a part of life.

Instead, pause and think before responding, and watch what you say. Because a slipped word or phrase coming out of your mouth, can before a permanent scar on another’s person’s life!

What do you mean I should have done more with my chances in life?

I don’t have any regrets…

Hmm, maybe one or two perhaps…?

Ok, perhaps a few more than that

Let me see…?

  1. Not trying as hard as I could when I was at school
  2. Not listening to the successful people around me
  3. Not trying harder at the trials, because I thought I didn’t have a chance when actually I did
  4. Not saying yes when the business opportunity presented itself.
  5. Not helping my friend with his success plan, which went on to earn tens of thousands
  6. Not investing in myself when I had the chance

Ok, you’re right, I accept I’ve had a number of regrets in life. And I now realise that I should have seized the chances and opportunities when they presented themselves.

I am a real failure! And it’s too late for me, right?

Are you still breathing? If yes, then it’s NEVER too late!

Don’t live with regret! Do it now!


Now I have your attention I’ll tell you what it means…Simple Energy Xchange!

You pass on your personal energy to others around you and vice versa, just by being around them. Clearly, this will happen to a lesser degree at this present time, because of social distancing.

When we eventually get back to some normality and are able to go around and interact as we did before, this Energy Xchange will be prevalent once again.

This is like an invisible ripple effect.

Have you ever thrown a stone into a lake and watched the ripples spread out across the water? Well, your personal energy is doing the same when you come in close proximity to others.

If the energy you Xchange is negative energy because your attitude is bad, then this bad energy permeates onto others. However, at the same time, you are doing self-harm to yourself as the energy doesn’t just flow out of your body, but is coming back into itself as well. This cannot be good for your health if your attitude is terrible, as you are chipping away at yourself and causing internal harm.

The reverse is true if you radiate positive energy. You improve yourself internally and also affect positively those around you. A win-win scenario and great for your overall wellbeing too.

So practice positive S.E.X – in an “energy” sense! 😉

Have you written your “Book of Life?”

What does your book of life say about you?
Have you ever wondered about that question?

If you could write a book based on your life?
Will that book be any good to read?
Will it be packaged with wonderful experiences and wonderful stories of the things you’ve done, and the people you’ve interacted with and left them feeling better because they met you?
Or will this book merely be a story of a life not having done much AND actually not LIVED fully at all?

Wouldn’t that be an awful shame?

As far as we know, we only get ONE go at this thing called life.
So why settle for mediocrity?
Do something wonderful with your hidden gifts and talents and live your life!

You’re not at the end of your journey just yet, so you can still affect the next chapters of your life book!

Think about it…just recently in the news, an elderly gentleman who was 99 years old wanted to raise a thousand pounds for the NHS, by just walking around his garden 100 times with the aid of his walker. He has gone on to raise £25 million pounds!

That is incredible and he has made a real difference to many people’s lives!
If he can do that at 99 years of age, then what could you do?

So you need to write and finish your book of life and make it a really positive story filled with amazing journeys and experiences.

Then in the distant future, when you do eventually get to the end of your life,
whoever learns about you and reads about your life story, will think,
“WOW, now THAT was a wonderful life that was truly lived fully!”