The Human Race

The human race. It is the family where we are ALL actually the same. We bleed red blood, no matter the colour of our skin. We are brothers and sisters in the same world family.

But within that world family, we are all individual and unique. We are diverse in many ways with colourful unique differences and all of us with different internal gifts and talents. These differences and individual talents are what make the human race SO special.
We are ALL special, individually and collectively, with talents to share amongst us all for the betterment of everyone.

Sometimes we forget this and we look inwards at only ourselves. We are important of course, but we don’t live in a world on our own, we live in a shared world with many many others, whom every one of them is important too.

So we need to look outward to our world family because we ARE “one” human family. So use the internal gifts and talents you were born with to contribute and make this world a better place for YOUR family – Your WORLD family, especially now during these testing times affecting the whole planet!

Break the Habit

If you want to break a habit that is bugging you, such as smoking or chewing your nails or anything actually.
Who is the best person to tell you to stop it, do you know?
It’s YOU!
Yes, you!
So YOU have to tell yourself to stop the bad habit and YOU will take your own advice.

Here is how to do it…

Film yourself on your smart-phone speaking to yourself saying you will quit doing the habit and say WHY you want to quit it.
Look into the camera lens and say if you DON’T quit it, then the consequences are…and say what the consequences are for not stopping the bad habit.

This video doesn’t need to be very long. It can last just 30 seconds as long as it gets the message across.

The tip here, however, is to watch the video you have made every single day, without fail, for at least a month!
Your subconscious mind will soon realize that you mean business because it is YOU telling yourself to stop!

I have an Issue…!

Your answer should be, “What can I do about it?” or “How can I resolve this?”
NOT “I can’t do anything about it”!
Too many times we find problems and focus on those, rather than look for the solutions. We encounter problems all the time, that is what life does! It creates a series of problems that we all have to deal with and move on from.
Each of these problems are there to test you to see if you can overcome them. Sometimes they test you to the limit, but they become a life lesson that you have to learn from to help you in future
So never say “I can’t” when a problem appears, or even worse feel you are forever a victim of life’s problems. The problems are there to test your strength and resolve, not to break you. So understand what they are – deal with them the best you can – and then move forward.
Remember, always try to be a solution finder, not a problem finder!

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