Life can be tough sometimes…

However, you’ve got all the power and internal magic already to deal with anything life throws at you. Understand, this is what life does…sending you challenges to see whether you’re worthy.
Each challenge you are given is merely a life lesson, that you need to learn and grow from.

Sure, sometimes you may think, “come on, I’ve had enough already…!?!”

And you will most likely also say, “No, why me, again!?!”

You will also wonder at times if you can indeed deal with all this “stuff” that comes your way and simply struggle (and hope) to keep your head above water.

But understand, this cr!p is all part of life’s journey and sent your way for YOU to learn from.

So the end result of all these life lessons?

A stronger version of you! Yes, I know whilst going through all the pain, you may think, “why me?” – but this is just so you grow, despite the angst whilst in the middle of the struggle.

So if you are unlucky to get anything like this again in future, you are firstly equipped to deal with it AND you have also gained valuable wisdom to pass these life lessons on how to overcome the challenges, onto others!

Feedback is good, isn’t it?

Feedback by and large IS good, because it is the only way of finding out what you did well and what you didn’t do quite so well, so you can take stock and make adjustments where appropriate

However who is giving you that feedback is also very key…

Are you taking feedback from “EVERY” Tom, Dick and Harry?

Because if they are not in any circle of influence for you, you shouldn’t be taking it on board. Listen of course, because they “may” make a valid point at times. Otherwise just treat their comments as mere opinion, rather than guidance.

If they are a customer who spends money with you so you value their feedback or a peer and/or consultant who has similar experience with whom you are soliciting feedback. then of course take the feedback on board.

However, if they don’t fit this small group of people, then listen of course out of politeness, but don’t be influenced by it, especially if it appears bad advice or strange suggestions.

Because you may soon discover that not everyone has your best interests at heart and they could be out to merely tear you down, as opposed to give you sound proper feedback that you can use to move forward with.

What if what we experience is all a dream?

Someone posed a very interesting question today and that was, “what if all we experience (or think we are experiencing) is in actual fact a dream?”

So in essence what we are doing is in living within a vivid dream. So when we sleep that is the reality of existence…!?!

To be honest, I was blown away with this thought, as there is no real way of confirming or denying whether it is EVEN true or can be proved? So it was just a philosophical question in the end…

But it did lead me to think along similar lines, where, if we do act in a certain manner, then life tends to reflect this manner back towards us, so we end up experiencing more of what we give out. Maybe not straight away, but perhaps later on in some way.

This then would imply we are not mere feathers blowing in the “wind of life” and carried along the path of existence, unsure of where the wind will take us next.

But instead, our actions can direct the flow of the “metaphorical feather in the wind” and we can influence where the feather moves to (although not perfectly) but certainly, in the “general” direction we want to go in

So if we behave badly, then the feather moving in the wind of life, will travel toward dangers and places we don’t actually want to go to. Whereas if we live our life with purpose and try and do good as best we can with our abilities, then the feather is steered towards nicer places and outcomes.

Meaning we are in some control of our direction in life and are not merely leaving “everything” to mere chance

Do you love your job?

Some people claim to “love” their job!
I am not so sure? They may merely like it a lot, which is great. Loving it however is a whole different ball game.

Those who are working for themselves “may” love what they do, but this is different because they are working for themselves and not a boss.

Those who are working for a boss, however, are actually less likely to actually “love” their job despite what they may believe. Although I am happy for people to tell me differently of course.

You see, if you don’t agree with this, because you truly believe you love your job, then please go to your boss when you see them next, and say, “keep the pay-check, I love my job I’ll do it for nothing every-day!”

In reality, I’d be surprised if anyone that had a boss did that! Because we are after all wanting to receive money for the job we are performing.

So you may really “like” your job rather than “love” your job, which is still admirable.

If you are willing to do your job for nothing because you do truly love it, then I tip my hat to you as you are in a minority and I guess your boss would be very happy with you!

If you are in this minorty and would be willing to do your job without a pay-check, can I make a suggestion?

Take that passion for the job and instead, try and do it for yourself, so you work for yourself doing this work. That way, you can benefit financially as well as love what you do.

Which is a WIN-WIN scenario.

Don’t complicate things…

This very simple post is a testimony to this statement…

Simple. Short. On Point…

Get up
Brush teeth
Turn up
Work hard and give your best always
Act with integrity
Everything else will just work out fine!

What is your “A” to “R” ratio?

Your “A” (Activity) to “R” (Results) ratio.

If you want to be successful in whatever venture you are pursuing, then your activity in order to achieve the results you want to achieve needs to be in proportion to your expected result.

If you have visions of sitting on your rear end and doing very little, then it is very unlikely that the result you seek will come to fruition. If you want big results you need big activity.

And I don’t mean you need to work physically hard to achieve this. It is rather the proportion of work you do, be it online or offline, in order to make your success happen

Now some of you may say, “hold on, aren’t there some people online who earn millions with very little effort?”, well the media may give the impression that this is a common occurrence. In reality, this is very rare indeed. Just like winning the lottery by buying a ticket. It “can” happen where you win the jackpot on a lottery, but the chances of it happening for you are incredibly slim.

Therefore control the things that are in your direct control of, and that is the activity you put in, in order to make your venture succeed.

So, ensure your A to R ratio is in proportion, as that is the way the results will follow the activity.

One final point is to make sure your activity is also “consistent and persistent” over a long period of time. This is what most successful people have done. They have been in a marathon not a sprint when it comes to their activity. It is this persistence and consistency matched with a high enough level of activity that produces the results

A hug used to just be a simple hug…?

A hug ordinarily was just that…a hug and no more over in just a few moments.

Whilst it gives a sense of warmth and love whilst you are embraced in the hug, once it is finished it is over

Now during the pandemic, the simple hug has oh so much more meaning. Because we have had to endure long periods of time of not seeing and holding loved ones dear. So resulting in craving the hug so much more.

More than ever the hug is one of the single things we are missing as if our bodies need the hug “fix” from people who are special in our lives. And when the hug is deprived for so long, we feel less and somehow incomplete.

Once this pandemic is over and we can as a population revert back to some sort of normality, then the simple hug will be no longer be a simple hug. It will be cherished and appreciated SO much more than ever before, having been deprived to so many.

So when you are fortunate enough to next receive that magical hug from a loved one, remember that moment when you are being held. Ensure it isn’t as brief as normal, but instead, hold that hug and feeling as long as you can, so the wonderful love, warmth, and feeling can be etched into your mind and the hug can last a lifetime!